Nativity of Ashes

by Blodtåke

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pappadieter Jungs, das Album ist saugeil. Freitag Abend habt ihr mich ja auch restlos überzeugt!
Verhoeven koen
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Verhoeven koen this album is a smacker! Black melodic but also hard and loud with damn good lyrics! the more you listen to it, the more it gets into you. I recommend this one to everybody who likes good metal with a black edge! Favorite track: Elapsed.
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"Nativity of ashes" is an intense blend of raw and honest emotions. Deeply rooted in Black Metal, "Nativity of ashes" expands into Doom, Death and Progressive Metal territory and still sounds unique.


released June 15, 2019

All songs performed by Blodtåke,
Recorded by Blodtåke and Andy Classen.
Mixed and mastered by Andy Classen @ Stage One Studio


all rights reserved



Blodtåke Germany

Blodtåke are deeply rooted in Black Metal and extend into Death, Doom and Progressive Metal. The acclaimed goal of Blodtåke is to make the pain, wounds, frenzy and melancholy so completely tangible to the listener, that he loses himself in it.


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Track Name: Bleak is the light
Adust I behold the beautiful lustre
As luscious scents pervade me almost painful
The frequent moaning from the basement
Drowns the estival euphony -
And welcomes me back home

It welcomes me back home

Another day exsanguinates into nightfall
And sunlight greets these open wounds
Now that I'm staring at the stars that are no more
Don't wake me, I can no longer bleed

Amorphous I pace in forlorn chambers
No room to hide in this seclusion
Fear paves that way so dissonant
Again I feel crippled by my thoughts

I am crippled by thoughts...

The harboured truth now spoken
All words a waste of silence
For they will all fail to sustain -
Only frost permeates me constantly…

I’m praying for a change
But there’s no charity for the utmost failure

I untread my way
Back to the solace you bestowed
To heal those wounds that became mine

But I came back numb
How I wished you could help me,
Help me understand

Beneath the white light I'll remain again
Forever to atone
Ever since eternity bygone
Track Name: Of me end you
Familiar screeching from afar bloodcurdling through the marrow
Fierce desires melting fast that pergelisol barrow

Strain hardened and divided I imagined this heart dead
From a vacuous exorcism scorched earth became wet

Your dulcet scent of winter and greed direct my way
I pace with speed relighted to end this endless prey

Lacerated lambs uneaten - all these ways behind
Deplorable waste of products - it wasn’t meant unkind

Surrounded by a cloak of night I watch your useless kill
So ardent and seraphic you leach out faith and will

Can’t you see we are already dead?
I know you know, your eyes do show
Unthralled there is no more dread
It is our last embrace, a monument in tar

Suspire reveals my presence, you desist from perished meat
Entrancing is your countenance, maddening soars the heat

Your sensual frost released me, distracted with sweet pain
As we fall into each other, this lewdness feels so sane

Unwombed into sunlight, on the brink of the glade
You beg for salvation, please hand me the blade

I will hold your hand when this is done
Forget what we had and what we were
And return to where it and all began
To become sleep again
Track Name: Lys i mørket
No decade passed since the first light of day
Eyes lined with mortal fear search for a familiar hand
With every strike the skin bursts at a new spot
Streams of urine and blood run down the legs
At last, beholding her face, it wasn’t hers anymore
Not understanding what they are doing to her
While they grunt and slaver, he hears her plead for his life
Until her final cry
Until her final cry

Lys i mørket
Slutten er her
Jeg føler det - Noumenon
Jeg ser det - Phenomean

Lys i mørket
Slutten er her
Jeg føler det - Noumenon
Jeg ser det - Phenomean

Gore rolled into filth - they drag him down the street
In waves unfathomable pain overcomes him
Sitting on his feces - hearing their laughter
A split second of security - as he gets blindfolded
In this darkness there is no room to hide!
"Who beat you like that?" - The name of the game
Crying and whimpering gives way to certainty
Bright red tears run down his cheeks - the soul flows out

Lys i mørket
Slutten er her
Jeg føler det - Noumenon
Jeg ser det - Phenomean

Lys i mørket
Slutten er her
Jeg føler det - Noumenon
Jeg ser det - Phenomean
Track Name: Absolution Denied
The shame of creation, rotting within
Whilst finding blessings in a chain
Hiding in a bag of callused skin
Deafening prayers cried in vain

Absolution, Salvation, Relief: Denied!
Alleviation, Obtundation, Simplification: Denied!

The vermin drowns in its own juice
A banquet for the ring-tailed dainties
Mollification is not intended
In the butchers immolation

Blindfolded by a crown of thorns
-Fatstock drivels scum inside-
Trepanned heads for dull discharge
-You will be eaten alive!-
Your plead for death remains unheard
Empty vessels filled with pain

Absolution, Salvation, Relief: Denied!
Alleviation, Obtundation, Simplification: Denied!

Absolution won’t be granted
There will be no relief
Don’t expect salvation
That’s not what you’ll receive

Left again in vegetative state and without comprehension
Bound to memories ever fading and dying
Survival of the distressed
Only celestial tranquility will remain

Absolution, Salvation, Relief: Denied!
Alleviation, Obtundation, Simplification: Denied!
Track Name: Follower
Invisible blood pours from these veins
All colours drained now from these eyes
Empty all is in eternity
Like an endless cloud blown across a pale sky

Where autumn's golden ink leads the way
Into the void of endlessness
A million candles blown out at once
And I’m immersed in light for the very first time

Whatever I combined with affinity and aspiration
Is inseparable from my demise
As I lay down, relief comes along with blaze
Incandescent and still I fall asleep

Wash your face with the embers of all I am…
Fall I am! Please stay with me!

Let us be one. Inhale me. Hide me in…
Before the ashes get lost to the frigid winds

Now carry me down, immaculate grief
For I will dwell in sable silence

Silence untamed…

Track Name: Hope
Under starless skies I wander
Shunned by lunar light
My cold hands still bleeding tar
Still I know what I can’t find
As I enter the archway of nightmares again

The weight of decuman infamy
Triturates me from within
Stentorian whispers haunt me
For I stole an errant ghoul’s face

This light so agleam through a door left ajar
A sacramental sign sent from afar?
It is encompassed by black
And I hear their cries:
“It’s the sootiness of the burning skies!”

Losing the loom, facing the gloom
Oh let this be my final fall
Through the bouffant ashes of this life
Without fail there is no way to atone

The scent of withered foliage and soil
It smells like coming home
Deep-pale clouds reach into the earth
To unite with my last breath
And out of a now clear sky
Long gone calmness surrounds me
My last hope for this world comes true
For my last thought is of you

I am nothing!
I cannot hold you…

I am nothing…
Track Name: Discarded
Deep red - Another shade of despondence
Persistent Gaze - As flies infest my eyes
I know the cure begins - So I recline, consumed in
Dying rage - Insatiable I lie waste

Oh for so long I strive to shrive
Ashamed of waking, every night
Withering acrimoniously
In maenadic lethargy

Sun! Drown! A tin god - capable of
Suffering - Echoes of countless screams resound
Misled - The culprit from the pulpit smiles so
Doleful - My synthetic mourning saddens me

Crawling down to the old light
To find a realm of wax ablaze
The beldam spits onto the bedlam
Our malady - Her lullaby

Wholesome wrath - Storms of hate unfurled, now
Congregate - Hell spreads its legs once more, we all will
Taste the whore - Soaked back into prime-evil ooze
Heredity - Herded, growing down

Oh for so long I strive to shrive
Ashamed of waking, every night
Withering acrimoniously
In maenadic lethargy

Crawling down to the old light
To find a realm of wax ablaze
The beldam spits onto the bedlam
Our malady - her lullaby

The prophet - Hollow-eyed and -hearted he proclaims
Imposture - Devastated in complacency and
White light - Glaring darkness now enlaces us
Nevermore - No more lore forevermore

Deep black - The final shade of bravery takes over now
Thrust the knife precisely into the hole that held the cord
To your virgin mother: Surrender fidgeting!
Watch supremacy swelling out…
Track Name: Elapsed
Waking in apallic hibernation, back to my shapeless enclosure
A dry undertow is dragging me down into shallow blood
There’s no way to be saved from the past
Catharsis overstrained

Beyond repentance this life ends -
These throes are so sensational!
Now storms gather to shatter and scatter in funereal gravity

Belonging to the past
I had to cling to the ordeal until the end
For mine was the failure to thrive

A desiccated cesspit lays bare a ravening crevasse
Brimming of hopes and dreams in outmost distress
Wretched is the unjust wrath - out of control
As dolorousness is flaring up for the last time

Greater than any mercy is the trespass
I beg the sunless skies to make this the final elegy
With crimson waters wrench is set adrift
There's no salvation in this severance

Crestfallen and invertebrate
More than jaded to contempt
Suffused by wafts of mist I am
The final face is drawn

And still I mourn...

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